Ionmax - Caravan & Motorhome Dehumidifier


IONMAX 610 Dehumidifier is unique as it will operate between 1 deg & 40 deg C & remove the moisture that creates mould & odours that can damage your fabrics & electrics. 
When in use the quite running is noticed as the IONMAX is not as noisy as the Compressor type Dehumidifiers and only weighs 5.1 kgs. 

The IONMAX 610 is also ideal for the Caravan, Motorhome & Boats, horse truck during lock up time during Summer & Winter when not in use, Ideal for the home or batch as it will care for your investment by keeping it Dryer & Warmer. 

A hose is included for continuous automatic drainage when long term use is required. 
6 Litres per 24 hours RH 60%,Voltage 240 Volt,power usage 280/460 W , WxDxH.269.174.445.

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