Power Train Battery Charger 30 Amp 6/12/24V Auto 7 Stage


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The Power Train PTC30AL Battery Chargers with automatic charging voltage selection and DC power supply are designed to effectively charge all automotive and industrial type batteries. Manufactured to the latest design parameters and highest quality levels, they incorporate a unique micro-processor controlled Seven Stage Pulse Charging system, which intelligently assesses battery condition and size, to make battery charging much safer, much more effective - and thus prolong battery life. They are ideal for Automotive, Motorhome and Marine applications, to ensure the correct, safest and BEST method of charging a high capacity 6V/12V/24V battery bank or individual batteries.


  • Zero Volt minimum start and old battery sulphation repair
  • Automatically selects 6, 12 or 24V charging depending on the battery connected
  • Optimally design charging cycle designed for Lead Acid, SLA, AGM, Gel, Deep Cycle and Calcium Batteries. Short circuit, reverse polarity, overcharge, over temperature and overload protection.
  • Bright and clear LED screen display.
  • Complete 7 stage chargeing cycle for safe charging process
  • Clear voice prompts for easier use.
  • Offers 13.5v continuous DC power supply 30amp includes short circuit, overload protection.

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